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GRIP Field Campaign
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Instrument Swath


HIRAD utilizes NASA Instrument Incubator Technology:

• Provides unique observations of sea surface wind, temperature, and rain
• Advances understanding and predictability of hurricane intensity
• Enhances Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer capabilities
• Uses synthetic thinned array technology of Lightweight Rain Radiometer

• HIRAD participated in the NASA GRIP hurricane field study in 2010
• HIRAD will participate in the HS3 NASA hurricane field study in 2012-2014



Existing 1980s Technology HIRAD Aircraft Instrument HIRAD Winds
Existing 1980s Technology

HIRAD Aircraft Instrument

Region of strongest winds are much better observed with HIRAD than current capabilities

HIRAD Roadmap

Passive Microwave C-Band Radiometer
freq: 4, 5, 6 & 6.6 GHz
Version 1 H-pol for ocean wind speed,
Version 2 future dual-pol for ocean wind vectors

20km Aircraft Altitude Performance Characteristics
EIA: 0 deg - 60 deg
Spatial Resolution: 1-4 km
Swath: ~60 km

Observational Goals
Wind Speed 10->85 m/s
Rain Rate 15->100 mm/hr


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